Kojair Tech Oy
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Superior expertise in clean air technology since 1969


Kojair is specialised in development, manufacturing and marketing of microbiological safety cabinets and other clean-air devices.

We are continuously investing in powerful product development in order to introduce more advanced clean-air applications that make your work easier and protect you from the effects of harmful substances.


Kojair's main office and production facilities are located in Vilppula, approximately 80 km (50 mi.) from Tampere in Central Finland.

The sales office in Tampere is located in Finn-Medi Technology Center, which is a combination of medical expertise.


Contact information:

KOJAIR TECH OY                                               
Teollisuustie 3
FIN-35700 Vilppula
Tel. +358 3 471 7000
Fax  +358 3 471 7077
e-mail: info(at)kojair.com

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