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"We humans are a paradoxical kind: we are able to embrace innovation and fear at the same time."

On the one hand, we can be conservative and skeptical about innovations that could pose a threat to a comfortable way of working routines with which we have become familiar. On the other hand, we can get excited when things improve.
A big trend exemplifies our approach to innovation: Technology. Do we see it as a threat or an opportunity?Platinum
It is much easier to copy than to develop something new. Doing what we've been able to take us from 1 to 1. The key is to develop something new: that is what will take us from 0 to 1. This is the kind of thinking which I personally encourage, to improve you have to think 'outside the box' and act accordingly. The creation of something new improves the quality.


         Kojair Biowizard PlatinumLine

Our new generation of Microbiological Safety Workbenches is developed by thinking outside the box. Existing techniques replaced for new. New not yet implemented techniques used for improving ergonomics, safety and user friendliness.
As you will understand our desire to innovate is still not satisfied. In the coming years you may expect much more from us. We are proud to show the first result of the new thinking. Namely the most modern and futuristic Microbiological Safety Workbench there is: the Kojair Biowizard Platinum line.

Arno Wouters, CEO• Kojair Tech Oy • www.kojair.com

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