Kojair Tech Oy
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Company profile

Kojair Tech Oy business definition

“Kojair Tech Oy is the most preferred partner adding value on laminar flow solutions being the only company fully concentrating on clean air technology with leading expertise”.


Kojair solution to cover growing challenges of customer needs

Kojair Tech Oy has concentrate on the continuous development of the following key areas:

  • Safety
  • Silence
  • Leading solutions
  • Environmental care
  • Service & support


Key customer areas are:

  • Laboratory
  • Industrial
  • Medical
  • Service & support

Kojair locations

  • Head office and factory: Vilppula, Finland
  • Sales & customer support offices:
    • Tampere, Finland (also research and development)
    • Uppsala, Sweden
    • Helvoirt, Netherlands
    • Budapest, Hungary
  • Distributors
    • Covering the whole Europe

Key figures

  • Core business started in 1969
  • ISO 9001 certificated company
  • Main office and production plant in Vilppula, Finland
  • European subsidiaries in Sweden and Netherlands
  • Comprehensive distribution network
  • Several EN standard and TÜV certificated solutions

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