KC 1

The Kojair class 1 KC 1 biosafety cabinet offers personal and environmental protection

The Kojair class 1 KC 1 biosafety cabinet is designed to work as efficient as possible. It is easy to clean, has minimized seams, cleanroom compatible components and fulfils the requirements of  EN 12469. KC-1 with electrical base stand
The Kojair class 1 KC 1 safety cabinet is available in 100 and 185 cm size. Other sizes are upon request. We have our own design and engineering team who can modify each biosafety cabinet to your liking. We classify these special requests into two groups:

  • Customised biosafety cabinets
  • Tailor-made microbiological safety cabinet

Customised biosafety cabinet
A standard Kojair Tech Oy biosafety cabinet forms the basis for the request and will be customised according the demands of the clients/end-user.

Tailor-made biosafety cabinet 
If the request is so specific that a customized cabinet is no longer sufficient, our engineering team will design, test and build a unique unit according to the demands of the client/end-user.

“Maximize your productivity with the Kojair class 1 KC 1 biosafety cabinet”

In both cases Kojair is the partner for you! Not only are we very keen to share our 50 years of experience and craftsmanship with you; we also have special design software that allows us to provide a visual image of the customised or tailor-made biosafety cabinet.
Our 3500-square-metre European factory contains a special facility for engineering and designing customised and tailor-made biosafety cabinets. When the drawings have been approved and the customised or tailor-made biosafety cabinet is built, we test it in our own cleanroom. We provide the relevant certificates.

“Biosafety cabinets, benefit from our heritage of innovation”

Key advantages of the Kojair class 1 KC 1 biosafety cabinet:   

– Easy to operate
– All internal finishes are solvent, disinfectant and abrasion resistant
– Professional support
– Superior airflow uniformity
– Easily and quick access to workspace

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Biosafety cabinet accessories

We offer various accessories on the Kojair class 1 KC 1 biosafety cabinet, please click here for more information.