Kojair e-Learning program is a comprehensive, online resource.

Welcome to the Kojair e-learning program, designed to support users, affiliates and customers of Kojair clean air products by providing an online program to support the operators and the people who provide first-line maintenance.

Kojair e-Learning program is a comprehensive, online resource that offers:

  • Relevant courses regarding Kojair products
  • Engaging interactive courseware
  • Flexibility to accommodate your personal schedule

  • Quality is more than making a good product!

    It is the overall package of the company. It’s all start with giving a good advice, which solution (product) suits the needs of the client. Does it give the desired safety and ergonomics. Of course our high quality materials, certified by independent organisations, test by three different parties contribute to our high quality. But in this subject we want to show you are value added transport.

    Our forwarder is specialized in the transport of sensitive laboratorial equipment. Together we have designed and produced various special tools for the safe transport of our Kojair microbiological safety cabinets, also at the most difficult locations. In this short movie can see the delivery of a Kojair microbiological safety cabinet which doesn’t fit inside the elevator. Thanks to the combination of modern tools and professional people it is a piece of cake for us!

  • Be SMART have it all!

    50 years of craftsmanship – increase your safety – professional support – lowest sound level (37 dB) in the world under safe working conditions – reduce your ecological footprint.

    The new microbiological safety workbenches from Kojair, the Platinum SMART has it all! A good example of this is the new arm rest. It increases comfort, economics but most of all you cannot block the air inlets at the front of the safety cabinets with your arms. Which gives you product, personal and environmental protection.

    We are more than happy to explain what these SMART innovations means for you.

  • Kojair and New ICON

    IV ICON Twins is the most efficient compounding system for intravenous antibiotics on the market.

    Kojair Tech Oy has designed in close cooperation with New ICON the most suitable safety cabinet for this application.

    It mixes hundreds of doses per hour for hospitals, whereas equivalent systems are only capable of producing individual doses. The system prepares up to 500,000 doses each year. One robotic arm mixes the medicinal substances, after which the other arm draws the reconstituted antibiotic solution into a syringe. A controlled process, aseptic conditions and staff trained in pharmacy compounding guarantee a sufficient supply of uniformly high-quality end products for hospital needs.
    Efficiency of pharmaceutical service processes creates cost savings!

  • ‘Made in Finland’ is a globally-recognized quality seal for reliability, long performance life and low failure rates.

    In an era of accelerated economic globalization, this is proving to be an important competitive factor. Kojair is committed to designing and manufacturing premium high-quality products exclusively in Finland.
    Kojair has defined the highest quality standards for all its components. It is for this reason that we stand behind our products, which are designed to provide you with years of continuous operation.

    To understand Kojair you need to understand Finland. A land where fresh air and nature is never more than a stone’s throw away. A place where its people have a profound connection with the natural resources around them, and a commitment to nurturing them.
    With this awareness of our natural environment comes a collective responsibility to ensure that what we do at Kojair makes the lowest possible impact ecologically (and ethically). We promise to always give back more than we take —and insist on that same level of commitment from our suppliers. This is the way it should be, because nature is the lungs of our beloved planet.

  • Introduction of the Kojair Platinum

    Short introduction of our Platinum Line cabinets made by our distributor in Germany, Biolab Products.