Made in Finland

“Made in Finland” a sentence where we are proud of !

To understand Kojair Tech Oy, you need to understand Finland. A land where nature is never more than a stone’s throw away. A place where its people have a profound connection with the natural resources around them, and a commitment to nurturing them.

As a remote natFinland winterion in Northern Europe, Finland has always been capable and self-reliant. And our ‘challenging’ climate influences the decisions we make; especially where solving problems and creating things is concerned. We know how to maximise our resources with minimal impact, know which trees to take, and which to leave for the future. And we know that the simplest route to solving a problem is the best.

We’re analytical, and don’t embark on a project without the necessary planning and preparation. Some foreigners might remark that we take a while to make decisions; yet this is part of our analytical nature. And it ensures that the end result is far better realised than if we were to make rash decisions and cut corners.

Our solutions are typically people-centric: ‘We place our user at the centre of everything’. We think and design holistically with ergonomics and safety as the starting point. As a result, our design heritage is one marked by innovative solutions, which are functional and forward driven. Microbiological safety cabinets made of high-quality materials. Why import something when we can make it ourselves from the things we have around us?