Kojair history dates back to 1935

Kojair first biological safety cabinet 1969

Kojair history dates back to the late thirties. A delegation of Finnish industry businessmen visited USA in the sixties and brought back the idea of working under purified air. This was the start point of producing microbiological safety cabinets. The first microbiological safety cabinets was launched in 1969 and this is regarded as Kojair’s first step into clean air technology.

First under the name of Koja, a well-known Finnish air handling company and industrial fan producer which is established in 1935 and later under our own name, Kojair. This rich history gave us a head start and made us the most progressive player in the market.

Kojair wants to make the best clean air products in the world

These days we are still driven to innovate and push the market forward. This journey where we are now is one filled with passion, skills and the pursuit of making the best clean air products in the world.