Product care

While you concentrate on research, we look after your support needs

As we want you to have more time to concentrate thoroughly on your research, the whole Kojair team is eager to provide you with extensive support and helpĀ reduce your workload.

Our Service Commitment:

  • Guaranteed response to any request within 24 hours
  • Short lead for standard equipment
  • Immediate after-sales service provided by several distributors worldwide
  • Installation and training on site
  • Repair turn-around time within just a couple of working days
  • Free demo
  • Application support
  • Large stock of different spare parts

Our Quality Commitment:

  • Increased lifespan
  • Reduced maintenance and spare parts cost over the entire lifespan
  • Low product failure rates
  • Long-lasting service life of all products due to high-quality materials and maintenance-free motors