Biosafety cabinet (BSC), biological safety cabinet or microbiological safety cabinet all different names for the same product where Kojair is specialist in. Kojair offers a wide range of biosafety cabinet in different classes. A biosafety cabinet is an enclosed, ventilated laboratory workspace for safely working with materials contaminated with (or potentially contaminated with) pathogens requiring a defined biosafety level.

“Yes quality matters! that’s why we have delivered more than 50.000 biosafety cabinets world wide”

Kojair history dates back to the late thirties (1935). A delegation of Finnish industry businessmen visited USA in the sixties and brought back the idea of working under purified air. This was the start point of producing biosafety cabinets. The first biosafety cabinet was launched in 1969 and this is regarded as Kojair’s first step into clean air technology.

Besides biosafety cabinets Kojair offers various other clean air products, designed to meet customer expectations in various branches such as hospitals, pharmaceutical and industrial laboratories and production. Our range consists of the following categories:

Laboratory products

Class 1 biological safety cabinet, according the European standard EN 12469
Class 2 biological safety cabinet, according the European standard EN 12469 / DIN 12980
Class 3 biological safety cabinet, according the European standard EN 12469
Product protection cabinet, vertical flow and horizontal flow
– Fume cupboards
– Fume hoods

Medical Products

Operating Theatres

Industrial Products

Powder units
– LAF units (laminar air flow)
Tank cleaners
Down flow systems
– Particle counters

“Kojair biosafety cabinets, we place our users at the centre of everything”

Kojair, a company known worldwide for its innovative products. The list of innovations invented by Kojair is considerable. But there are other ways in which Kojair distinguishes itself from other manufacturers. Its high-quality materials, smooth finish and extreme eye for detail are what make Kojair truly unique.
Products of Kojair are packed with innovations. Innovations that contribute to high ergonomics, safety and work enjoyment. This will gain many positive benefits for the end-user. A good example of this is the new biosafety cabinet (BSC), biological safety cabinet or microbiological safety cabinet from Kojair the Platinum Line.