Kojair BW3 class 3 glove box provides total protection

The Kojair BW3 class 3 glove box is a microbiological safety cabinet were you work in a closed system in an under pressure. It protects the product, user and the environment alike from hazards when handling infected and other dangerous biological material. The cabinet separates the operator from the work using a barrier, e.g. gloves mechanically attached to the cabinet, and from which any airborne particles are prevented from escaping using  an exhaust system. Thanks to the unique structure and position of the filters the Kojair BW3 class 3 glove box always generate the correct airflow. Ensuring a minimum working pressure of 200 Pa.

“The Kojair BW3 class 3 glove box offers practically unlimited customization possibilities!”

The construction of the class 3 microbiological safety cabinet is sealed and airtight. The product is put into the glove box and taken out of it via a pass-through chamber. Pass-through chambers can be featured on one side or on both sides to ensure a smooth workflow. The standard version of the Class III microbiological safety cabinet BW3 is one meter wide and has gloves on one side. Different sizes of the BW3 are available, including a dual version, where two people can work opposite each other in the same BW3.

The BW3 glove box will be standard supplied with size 9 gloves made of neoprene. Different sizes and materials are available on request. The gloves are easy to change thanks to the Kojair Tech Oy SMART glove changing system.

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Key advantages of the Kojair BW3 class 3 glove box:                    

– Internal finishes are solvent, disinfectant and abrasion resistant
– 50 years of craftsmanship
– Base stand with shelf and adjustable height
– Smooth finish
– Stainless steel interior
SMART glove changing system

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Kojair BW3 class 3 glove box accessories

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