Down flow system

Kojair Down flow system

The down flow system from Kojair helps you to maintain your products’ cleanness throughout the process. Kojair offers a wide range of down flow systems for your premises:

  • KM down flow system
  • VLF down flow system

KM down flow system

The KM down flow unit is our standard member of the down flow family. Over the years, it has made a name for itself and proven to be very sturdy and reliable. The KM down flow unit is built according to the latest requirements and technologies. Thanks to this, we can adjust the down flow unit even better to ensure, not only an even air flow, but also a lower sound level and energy consumption.
The units are available in stainless steel and painted steel. Supplied with EU-3 pre-filters and H14 HEPA filters with a filtering capacity of at least 99.995% (DOP).

The Kojair down flow systems include all the necessary control devices, so they are ready to use right away!
We can deliver the Kojair KM down flow system with:

  • Different base stands
  • Half speed-mode for standby use
  • Curtains
  • Table top models
  • More on request

Kojair VLF down flow

KM down flow system








KM down flow system dimensions:

length       depth                       height (mm)
1300    x   690/840/990   x   670/800
1605    x   690/840/990   x   670/800
1930    x   690/840/990   x   670/800
2560    x   690/840/990   x   670/800
Other sizes or modifications on request

Filter change

  • 670 height ; type L; HEPA filter change from below
  • 800 height ; type H; HEPA filter change from side

VLF down flow system

When the standard Kojair down flow unit doesn’t match your requirements we can customize it. The customized version is called the Kojair VLF down flow unit. We have a dedicated team of designers and engineering who will work closely with you to find the most suitable solution. Thanks to our flexible factory layout we can easily test and manufacture the VLF down flow unit.
Please contact your area sales manager for more information and possibilities, click here