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BIOWIZARD Golden Line Ergosilence


Biowizard Golden Line Ergosilence is even better than before

The new Kojair Biowizard Golden Line Ergosilence microbiological safety cabinet was launched spring 2012. The cabinet is designed for ergonomic, easy and safe use - as all Kojair cabinets. This cabinet is designed for user who appreciates silent working conditions in laboratory. Ask us how low in desibels we can go! Or how high you can lift the cabinet! Kojair is bold to say: Biowizard Golden Line Ergosilence is the most technically advantaged class II cabinet on market today!Ergo Kaisa seisoo pieni


Silent working conditions
Biowizard Golden Line offers extremely silent and comfortable working conditions. Noise level is

from 42 dB(A) in cabinet width 130.


Advanced ergonomics
The Golden Line Ergosilence cabinet has an adjustable electric base stand for easy working height adjustment.  Up to three working heights can be stored in the memory of the height adjustment panel.


The new, redesigned slanting desk top allows the  operator's arms to rest in comfortable positions. The gel arm pad makes it simple to find the correct working position.


Adjustable lights, no shadows
Efficient light tubes ensure shadowless lighting over the whole working area, max. 2000 lux (GL-130).


All surfaces are easy to clean
All surfaces are smooth and no screws have been used in the construction. The table top is made of stainless steel and can be easily opened in three parts for cleaning.

The bottom sink is also made of stainless steel and has rounded corners, which makes it easy to clean. The slanted front glass of the cabinet is easy to clean both inside and out. The side and front panels are made of laminated glass.


Safe exhaust valves
The Biowizard safety cabinet can be attached to an exhaust ventilation either in a fixed or semi-fixed manner as necessary. A unidirectional valve that prevents the back flow from the vent to the cabinet is available as an accessory. 

Practical and pleasant ergonomics

  • extremely silent, comfortable operation 
  • electrical front panel closes completely
  • efficient lights guarantee a shadowless and pleasant work environment, max. over 2000 lux. 
  • the slanting desk top allows the operator's arms to rest in comfortable positions
  • comfortable arm support made of material that feels warm against the arm 
  • the slanted front window always gives a clear view and guarantees an ergonomically correct working position

The electric control panel includes:

  • visual and audible alarms
  • timers for UV light and electric socket
  • speed switch, cabinet/UV light
  • operating time information


  • electrically operated front panel, safety switch 
  • 3-piece table top
  • readiness for accessory installation 

The construction and the airflow system guarantee a safe work environment. All materials are solvent-proof.

Ergo Kaisa pipetoi pieni
  • Electrical base stand
  • Slanted electrical front window
  • Plugged holes in side windows
  • Constant measurements of the airflow velocities
  • Three piece table top
  • Smooth touch user interference with a real time clock
  • 1/2 speed switch
  • Media valve installation channels
  • PCB interface for service info
  • UV usage hour counter
  • Double socket with socket/UV socket timers

  • Exhaust connection fitting
  • Clean room compatible electrical base stand 
  • One piece table top with lowered middle section 
  • UV light with magnetic fastening 
  • Fully integrated double exhaust filtration 
  • Extra double sockets, compatible with different European standards 
  • Extra gas and other media valves
  • Magnetic safety valve for gas
  • Foot pedal for front window usage
  • Anti flowback damper
  • Potential free connection

Tietotaulu pieni GL11802-008836

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