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Silver Line Blue Series

Non-compromising safety

• Kojair always puts safety first, we never take risks by minimizing the flows.

• All the flows in the cabinet are set to levels, ensuring the safety of the user, environment and operation. (Typical downflow 0,4 m/s).

• Acoustic and visual alarms in any failure of air flows and in a false front window position.

• Uniform laminar airflow (mean value even ±5%) over the whole

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 working area secures safe operation.

Excellent ergonomics

• Silent and comfortable sound level from 44 dBa. The most silent cabinet in the world!

•The user annoying frequencies are minimized.

• Efficient light tubes (up to 3500 lux) together with optimal tube positions ensure unique shadowless lightning over the whole working area.

• Developed ergonomics enables better concentration of the user, meaning safe operation.

• Completely closing electrical sliding front window.

Kojair sets a new benchmark for the whole industry

• Energy consumption minimized and environmental effects of the cabinet optimized by improved technology and careful selection of components.

Low total consumption of energy, from 170 W (size 130) with normal flow speed and working lights on.


optional features

Read more about SilverLine Blue Series cabinet from the brochure:

Kojair BW SilverBlue EN 2016 (pdf) (1.7 MB)
Kojair BW SilverBlue DE 2016 (pdf) (408.6 KB)
NLKojair BW SilverBlue NL 2016 (pdf) (1.8 MB)

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