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Biowizard BW3 Microbiological Safety CabinetBW-3 front cover

The Kojair Biowizard BW3 is a class III safety cabinet which protects the user and the environment from hazards in handling infected and other dangerous biological material.

The cabinet separates the operator from the work using

a barrier, e.g. gloves mechanically attached to the cabinet and from which the escape of any airborne particles is prevented

by an exhaust system.



The cabinet is constructed of stainless steel


The front window can be opened for ease of access

 to the working area when it is safe to do so.


All internal surfaces are solvent, disinfectant and abrasion resistant. The base is flat and rigid, preventing any flexing of the surface which might create dangerous conditions inside the cabinet.


The main filters are leak-tested, high efficiency HEPA-filters which meet the requirements of Federal Standard 209 E. The inlet filter is to the same specification as the exhaust filter. These filters generate the correct airflow, ensuring a minimum working pressure of 200 Pa.

Material pass-through

Materials required for normal work are placed inside the cabinet via a material pass-through made of stainless steel. A sliding tray in the bottom of the pass-through makes this easy.



The gloves have a beaded cuff conforming to the diameter and shape of the glove ports. They are made of a rubber material so that damage to a glove can be detected easily. Gloves can easily be replaced from outside the cabinet, the old gloves being pushed inside and the new ones fitted while the fan is still running.BW-3 glove+door


The Kojair Biowizard BW3 Cabinet fulfills the requirements of EN-12469.

Download Biowizard BW3 brochure in pdf here.
For further information, please take contact to sales(at)kojair.com

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