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Other Clean Air Cabinets


CleanWizard V

The Kojair CleanWizard V (vertical) and CleanWizard H (horizontal) cabinets are built for handling of non-hazardous substances and other products which require clean, particle-free environment. In design of the cabinet much effort has been put in easy operation and smooth, easily cleanable surfaces. Clean, parallel stream of air flows horizontally (CleanWizard H) or vertically (CleanWizard V) through the working chamber preventing access of room air particles into the product.

PCR cabinet

Kojair PCR/DNA cabinet has been designed for PCR applications. The vertical Laminar Air Flow within the workzone features optimal product protection.

By providing a particle free working environment, the PCR -cabinet isolates critical steps in the PCR process from contamination.

Microscope cabinets

Different brands and models of stereo microscopes can be assembled. Protects product and if required: user and environment.

Fume cupboards

Kojair fume cupboards are designed for laboratory use in industry, hospitals, schools, etc. They protect employees from exposure to materials and gases hazardous to their health. The fume cupboards are attached to their own exhaust ventilation ducts with mechanical air extraction.

Fume hoods

- designed for laboratory use in industry, hospitals, schools, etc. 

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