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Fume cupboards


Kojair VK and VKV cupboardsfume cupboard1

Kojair fume cupboards are designed for laboratory use in industry, hospitals, schools, etc. They protect employees from exposure to materials and gases hazardous to their health. The fume cupboards are attached to their own exhaust ventilation ducts with mechanical air extraction.

Construction and materials

Kojair fume cupboards are made of stainless (AISI 304), acid-proof (AISI 316) or stove-enamelled steel. The surface is corrosive-proof and easy to keep clean. If necessary, strong solvents may also be used in cleaning.
The front sliding door is made of laminated glass. The sliding door comes equipped with a counterweight that holds it in the desired position. Thanks to the counterweight and the bearing-mounted wire wheels, the door opens and closes smoothly and easily.
The standard basin surface is made of stainless steel. The taps in the working chamber are protected with acid-proof epoxy paint.
The open support frame is a steel-profile construction of the same material as the cupboard.
The cupboard comes in two basic varieties: model VK has an upright front wall, while model VKV has a slanted front window.

Operating principle

The fume cupboard is attached to its own exhaust ventilation duct. The exhaust suction creates an underpressure inside the cupboard. The air flows into the working chamber with almost no turbulence and reaches the exhaust vent through three grills on different levels.
The replacement air flows into the cupboard from the entire area of the work opening, preventing hazardous materials or gases from getting out of the working chamber into the room air.
The fume cupboard effectively protects the user even at low air-extraction rates.

Equipment and installation

By default, Kojair fume cupboards are equipped with fluorescent tube lighting, a stainless steel basin and work surface, an open steel support frame with adjustable legs, an electrical distribution board with two grounded outlets, and lighting and ventilation control switches.
All switches and outlets required in the operation of the cupboard are located on the front panel at the edge of the work surface.
The fume cupboard is ready to be connected to water, drain, gas and electrical systems and the exhaust ventilation duct. The electrical connection and the exhaust duct socket are located on the top; the water and gas connections are at the back of the cupboard. The necessary connections must be performed by a qualified contractor.

fume cupboard

Dimensions and connections

  • recommended exhaust volume for a 1,000-mm-wide cupboard is
    200--400 m3/h
  • designed pressure drop for the nominal air volume is 40 Pa
  • vertical space required by the cupboard with the sliding door in the fully open position is 2,450 mm
  • cupboards with special dimensions and equipment are available by special order
  • standard basin size: 100 x 250 x 140 mm
  • adjustable-height support frame: + 30 mm
  • exhaust duct socket: 200 mm
  • electrical connection: 230 V 50 Hz
  • drain connection: NS 50
  • water and gas connections: Cu 12
  • fluorescent tube lighting according to cupboard width 2 x 18--58 W

Kojair fume cupboard dimensions

D x W x H
D x W x H
750 x 1005 x 2160
750 x 1205 x 2160
750 x 1505 x 2160
750 x 1805 x 2160
600*) x 1000 x 1170
600*) x 1200 x 1170
600*) x 1500 x 1170
600*) x 1800 x 1170
*) Workspace depth in VKV -model is slanted 400...600 mm


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