Silver line

The most sold class II biosafety cabinet in the world

Without a doubt is the Kojair biosafety cabinet class II Silver Line the highest selling biosafety cabinet in the world. ‘Proven performance’ is the best sentence to describe the Kojair Silver Line. The Silver Line has it all: it has versatile user functions, yet is simple to use, it is designed to minimise the costs of operation and maintenance and maximise comfort and convenience for advanced ease of use.

Customised a thousand times by our own design and engineering department in Finland. To meet the unique requirements of our clients. Because of the high quality of the Kojair biosafety cabinet class II Silver Line and our modern European factory. Which includes test rooms and a cleanroom. We are able to easily stay abreast of the high requirements/expectation of our clients.

“Quality matters, that’s why we have delivered more than 50.00 biosafety cabinets worldwide”

But there are more ways in which Kojair distinguishes itself from other manufacturers. Its high-quality materials, smooth finish and extreme eye for detail are what make Kojair truly unique.  The innovations built inside the Kojair biosafety cabinet class II Silver Line  contribute to high ergonomics, safety and work enjoyment. This will gain many positive benefits for the end-user. We truly place the end-user in the center of everything!
Especially relevant is that the Kojair Silver Line is compliant with the most stringent regulatory standards in the world and is certified according to EN 12469. Available sizes of the Silver Line; 85, 100, 120, 130, 170 and 200. special sizes on request.

Kojair biosafety cabinet sensor Kojair Biosafety cabinet Silver Line front Kojair biosafety cabinet table top

Key advantages of the Kojair biosafety cabinet class II Silver Line:

– New fan technology
– Safe, Silent, Saving energy and Non-compromising safety
– 50 years of craftmanship
– Uniform laminar airflow (+/- 5%)
– Efficient light tubes up to 3500 lux
– Base stand with shelf and adjustable height
– Reduce your ecological footprint

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Biosafety cabinet accessories

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