Platinum DEF

The most efficient laminar Flow bench on the market

At Kojair we take safety very seriously. It has always been our first, second and third priority. A good example is the new Kojair class II laminar flow bench  Platinum DEF. It is in our DNA that we strive for perfection. Therefore we keep innovating and improving our laminar flow benches. We provide a large variety of class II laminar flow benches and our range of innovations are unequalled.

A good example is the unique integrated second HEPA H14 exhaust filter. The “DEF” in the Kojair class II laminar flow bench Platinum DEF stands for ‘double exhaust filter. Which means that the Kojair Platinum DEF includes two HEPA H14 exhaust filters. Air that is exhausted outside will be double-filtered over a HEPA H14 filter. The days of having an additional filter box on top of the cabinet which gave extra height to the cabinet are over. This additional HEPA H14 filter is smoothly integrated inside the cabinet which gives many benefits!

“We want to be the leader now and in the future with our laminar flow benches”

The Kojair Platinum DEF is designed to guarantee a work environment that complies with the latest requirements, best ergonomics and highest possible level of safety. Distractions resulting from poor working conditions or materials are unwelcome. Kojair applies the latest technologies, modern design and SMART innovations which result in a unique, high-quality product, the Kojair Platinum DEF.

 Kojair Kojair biological safety cabinet   Kojair biological safety cabinet Kojair Platinum biosafety cabinet colour

Key advantages of the Kojair class II laminar flow bench Platinum DEF – Be SMART, have it all:

 – A second HEPA H14 filter is integrated in the cabinet, no additional height
– Most silent cabinet in the world (37 dB) with the safest working conditions
– 50 years of craftmanship
– Endless customization possibilities
– 10” touch screen with Android software
– Integrated installation channels

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Kojair class II laminar flow bench Platinum DEF accessories

We offer various accessories on the Kojair class II laminar flow bench Platinum DEF, please click here for more information.