Standard Line

Safe, reliable and economical, the Kojair class II laminar flow bench Standard Line

Safe, reliable and economical: a perfect description of the Kojair class II laminar flow bench Standard Line. It protects the user, product and environment.
The principle of the laminar flow bench involves using a fan. This fan is mounted in the top of the laminar flow cabinet. The fan draws a curtain of sterile air over the product(s) that are being handled. Air is then drawn underneath the worktable of the surface. Back up to the top of the laminar flow cabinet. Where it passes through the HEPA H14 filters. The air that is exhausted is made up by air being drawn into the front of the cabinet underneath the work surface. The air being drawn in acts as a barrier to potentially contaminated air coming back out to the operator. No complicated electronic equipment is used in the Kojair Standard Line – just the basics.

“What you see is what you get, Standard Line laminar flow bench ”

Designed for demanding environments. No high tech technology but a simple product that does what it was built for. All the materials and surfaces are smooth and resistant to cleaning and disinfection agents. The front screen and side panels are made of shock-resistant laminated safety glass.
The HEPA filters used by Kojair for the Standard Line are HEPA H14. HEPA stands for High-efficiency particulate arrestance or high-efficiency particulate air. These filters used by Kojair in the class II laminar flow bench Standard Line are certified according the EN1822.

Kojair biosafety cabinet class 2 standard line

Key advantages of the Kojair Tech Oy Standard :

– Glare-free and shadow free fluorescent lighting (1500 lux)
– Build according to EN 12469
– Base stand with shelf adjustable from 700 to 900 mm
– Electronic display
– Reduce your ecological footprint
– “50 years of craftsmanship” is a phrase we are proud of

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Kojair laminar flow bench Standard Line accessories

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