Platinum MF NRS

The most silent class II microbiological safety cabinet in the world (37 dB), with the safest working conditions

Many studies have proven that noise is unpleasant for workers. It can overload the brain and cause both physical and mental harm. As the first company to focus on reducing the sound level of microbiological safety cabinets. We have now pushed the boundaries even further! The result; the Kojair class II Microbiological safety cabinet Platinum Multi fan NRS.

Each innovative change to the microbiological safety cabinet impacts the sound level. One of these innovative changes is the unique noise reduction system (NRS). Together, all these SMART innovations result in sound level as low as 37 dB! The ‘MF’ in Platinum MF stands for ‘multi fan’. Which can mean as many as four fans. This automatically balances the cabinet inflow and down flow. With more precision than ever before.
Designed for the future packed with SMART innovations. That meet the increasing and more stringent requirements of the new EN norm and industry (GMP).

“Microbiological safety cabinet, benefit from our heritage of innovation”

These days, a lot of companies claim to have a low sound level. To put an end to this debate, Kojair has had its microbiological safety cabinet officially certified by an independent agent. The Scandinavian VTT Expert Services Ltd. Testing was carried out in an official silence room. Test were carried out according to EN-12469/NEN-EN-ISO 3744. We can provide certificates from these tests.

Kojair veiligheidswerkbank been ruimte Kojair biological safety cabinet display Kojair BSC Platinum MF NRS

Key advantage of the Kojair class II microbiological safety cabinet Platinum Multi fan NRS – Be SMART, have it all:

– Intelligent fan technology
– Foot pedals for hands-free operation
– Professional support
– Red light alarm
– Endless customisation possibilities
– 50 years of craftsmanship

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Kojair class II microbiological safety cabinet Platinum Multi fan NRS accessories

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