PCR cabinet

The new generation of the Kojair PCR product protection cabinet

The Kojair PCR product protection cabinet is developed for research and production according to client’s needs. It generates optimal working conditions to the work space where high air purity is essential. High quality materials; construction is made of stainless and stove enameled steel. Front glass is made of 6-mm thick polycarbonate.  The main filter is a high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) H14 filter, 99.995% MPPS according to EN-1822. The pre-filter is class EU3.

 The device is suited to:

  • RNA / DNA decontamination
  • Biotechnological research and production
  • Handling of non-hazardous medical substances in hospitals and pharmacies
  • Production and maintenance of electronics

“The most-loved PCR product protection cabinet in the world”

The PCR -cabinet is a laminar air flow unit and it utilizes the vertical air flow principle. There is no harmful turbulence or whirls inside the work space.  The filtered, from up to down directed air flow protects products being handled from contamination.
The fan of the cabinet sucks air from the room through the pre-filter on the top of the unit and blows it into the plenum. From the plenum, the air is released through the HEPA- filter into the work space.
The fan is adjusted so that the air flow velocity below HEPA-filter is approx. 0,30 m/s. The filtered air flow keeps the air in the work centre effectively clean from impurities.
Kojair PCR product protection cabinet open window    Kojair PCR product protection cabinet table top Kojair PCR product protection cabinet top

With our own production and engineering plant in Finland we can customize the cabinet according your wishes – the possibilities are endless. 50 years of craftmanship we have with the production, design and engineering of clean air devices.

Key advantages of the Kojair PCR product protection cabinet:

–        Luxurious look and feel with a sound level hard to match
–        New fan technology
–        Low cost of ownership
–        50 years of craftsmanship
–        HEPA H14 filter according EN-1822
–        Build in UV-light

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Kojair PCR product protection cabinet accessories

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