CleanWizard V

Kojair product protection CleanWizard Vertical flow, designed for your peace of mind

The Kojair product protection cleanwizard vertical flow cabinet is a vertical flow cabinet. Which gives protection to the products. Kojair is a company worldwide known for its innovative products. The list of innovations invented by Kojair is considerable. But there are other ways in which Kojair distinguishes itself from other manufacturers. Its high-quality materials, smooth finish and extreme eye for detail are what make Kojair truly unique.

We go all the way because we take your work very seriously. We want you to work in silence and have the level of  ergonomics you deserve. But most of all we want you to work in a safe and reliable environment so that you can focus and concentrate fully on your work.

When you see the CleanWizard V, you know you are dealing with a real Kojair Tech Oy product. The exterior and the finish of the cabinet breathe quality. A seamless, easy-to-clean workspace prevent you from long hours of cleaning. The latest fan technology and redesigned mechanical parts contribute to low energy consumption and a low noise level.

“Low total cost of ownership, the Kojair product protection CleanWizard vertical flow cabinet”

The modern recirculation technology from our class II microbiological safety cabinets has been used in our CleanWizard V. Through the integrated double back wall (see below three pictures), 40% of the air is recirculated inside the cabinet. The other 60% is exhausted at the front opening. This guarantees the following advantages:

  • The cabinet can be stored directly against your wall as no air is exhausted through the back.
  • Less containment air, 60% instead of 100%, is exhausted inside the room where you are working.

Kojair CleanWizard Vertical

The Kojair Tech Oy CleanWizard V is available in different sizes (100/130/170/200) and has a wide range of options.

Key advantages of the Kojair product protection CleanWizard vertical flow cabinet:

–   Low noise level
–   Richly equipped even as a standard
–   Modern recirculation technology
–   Pre-filter and HEPA H14 filter
–   50 years of craftsmanship
–   Wide range of customization possibilities

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Kojair product protection CleanWizard vertical flow cabinet accessories

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