Product protection cabinets

Product protection cabinets

What is a product protection cabinet?

As the name indicates “product protection cabinets”, this cabinet only gives protection to the product. The product protection cabinets are built for handling non-hazardous substances and other products which require a clean, particle-free environment. Kojair has three different types of these cabinets:

In all three designs, considerable effort has been put into ensuring effortless operation and smooth, easily cleanable surfaces. A clean, parallel stream of air flows horizontally (CleanWizard H) or vertically (CleanWizard V / PCR cabinet) through the working chamber, preventing room air particles from accessing the product.

Kojair is aware that our products are used on a daily basis for hours. Besides the production protection, the human design factors (ergonomics) of the work become more and more important. This includes reduction of the noise level (for a more convenient working atmosphere), a height adjustable base stand (optimized sitting position), panorama side windows which provide (more natural light within cabinet), angled front sash (enables better sitting position) as well as strong light sources (better view within cabinet) to improve the working conditions.

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