Special made microbiological safety cabinet

Sometimes a standard cabinet doesn’t meet the needs of your application. Maybe you are looking for a microbiological safety cabinet with a different width or height than the standard supplied. We call this “special made microbiological safety cabinet”. We classify these special requests into two groups:

Customised microbiological safety cabinet

A standard Kojair Tech Oy microbiological safety cabinet forms the basis for the request and will be customised according your requirements.

Tailor-made microbiological safety cabinet

If your request is so specific that a customised cabinet is no longer sufficient, we will design, test and build a unique unit according to your specifications.

In both cases, Kojair Tech Oy is the partner for you! Not only are we very keen to share our 50 years of experience and craftsmanship with you; we also have special design software that allows us to provide a visual image of the customised or tailor-made microbiological safety cabinet.

Kojair factory customised or tailor-made microbiological safety cabinet Sales, design and engineering office Special made microbiological safety cabinet

Our 3500-square-metre European factory contains a special facility for engineering and designing  customised and tailor-made microbiological safety cabinets. When the drawings have been approved and the customised or tailor-made microbiological safety cabinet is built, we test it in our own cleanroom. In our factory located in Vilppula we have two different clean rooms. One large cleanroom where we can test different microbiological safety cabinet at the same time. In the other cleanroom we are able to increase/decrease the temperature to plus 40 and minus 20 degrees. We provide the relevant certificates.

Customised microbiological safety cabinet and Tailor-made microbiological safety cabinet

We are one of the last European companies qualified and skilled in building these customised and tailor-made microbiological safety cabinets. We have numerous references from all over the world. We are proud to share them with you.

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