Customized biological safety cabinet

When a biological safety cabinet from our standard product portfolio doesn’t meet you requirements, Kojair has the possibility to customize the desired standard biological safety cabinet to your demands. We built these customized biological safety cabinet in close cooperation with the end-user to get the maximum result.

Because our 50 years of experience we have all the in-house knowledge required to assist you with your request. Maybe you need a deeper class II biological safety cabinet – no problem. Perhaps a class II biological safety cabinet with a higher working space – you got it. Perhaps you wish to install a robot or microscope installed inside the class II biological safety cabinet – also not a problem.


















Customize the desired biological safety cabinet to your demands

In 1969 we launched our first biological safety cabinets. This was Kojair’s first step into the world of clean air technology. Due to our focus on “clean air technology” Kojair rapidly specialized in this area and got more and more request from all over the world. Today, we are contacted by companies all over the world to cooperate and assist them with their request.

Due to the more stringed recruitments we see the request of customized biological safety cabinet increasing. Therefore Kojair has invested in their design and engineering department. Meaning more people and powerful software this to visualize and test the customized biological safety cabinet in virtual. With the results we can inform and advise our customers much better.

Especially relevant in this case is our 3500 square-metre European factory is strategic located in Vilppula and is complaint to the latest requirements. It has its own painting street, multiple cleanrooms, welding street etc.

Kojair class II microbiological safety cabinetKojair microbiological safet cabinet extra width and heightcustomised biological safety cabinet







“50 years of craftsmanship” is a phrase we are proud of!

We are very keen to show you our craftsmanship and assist you with your request in order to find the most suitable and safest solution!

Please contact your area sales manager and challenge us with your request, click here!