Biosafe New Year 2020

Kojair want to thank our customers for the successful year. During the year there has been positive challenges, when we have been working on providing specialized products for our customer processes, but at the end, we had a great year together.

At the same time with normal production, we have had several development projects concerning our production and operations. Expected results will show us later as better communications and stability of production for our customers.

When we look forward, we still aim to offer best possible quality and best possible service to our customers. And we believe that key for succeed is open relations and good communications between parties.

We need your knowledge of your operations to provide our knowledge on product development We want to develop innovative products that provides better working conditions and safety to our customer. We are grateful for all feedback we have received from our customer and let’s keep up the good work and develop together!

Kojair wishes safety and happy New Year for all our cooperatives!