Kojair – 50 years development for better environment and safety

In today’s world there is stronger and evolving need to reduce emissions. As a leading manufacturer of Bio Safety Cabinets, Kojair has taken this challenge seriously as a part of our product development. We want to see clean future with safe and comfortable living in future.

Sustainable development is the one of the leading factors in our product and processes development, of course beside of the human safety and life-cycle costs. And if we look deeper on this issue, these factors are moving hand to hand with each other’s.

We are constantly following newest and best possible solutions to provide better safety with “low as possible” energy consumption. For 50-years we have been standing in frontline as a leading manufacturer, developer and researcher of bio safety devices. Sustainability, Quality, Safety and Life-cycle costs are the main factors that guide our development.

There are no compromises while working with human and environmental safety. With the direction that we show to other manufacturers, we are not only following the standards, we create them!