Kojair release 27 May 2021


The Kojair plant has operated efficiently during the coronavirus pandemic and turnover has been upbeat throughout the pandemic. There have been very few component deficiencies and they have been arranged in such a way that there have been no delays in deliveries. The coronavirus pandemic has been prepared for and the company has put in place guidelines and procedures to prevent the spread of the virus right at the beginning of the pandemic. Thanks to the precautions, the current coronavirus situation has not affected our ability to function.

The development projects carried out during 2020 have produced expected impacts on our ability to meet the needs of the market. Improving operational efficiency and structural changes in the supply and production chain have significantly improved our reliability of delivery, which is almost 100% for spring 2021. This has also been reflected in a positive trend in both net sales and profitability. Kojair believes that the development will continue along the same lines during 2021.

1.4.2021 Kojair started cooperation with Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions (LWS) and this enables different device integrations into the safety cabinets we manufacture. Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions (LWS) is the world’s leading manufacturer of cleanroom contamination monitoring systems and airborne particle counters.

We act as an official importer for all Lighthouse Worldwide Solutions (LWS) products and systems at domestic market in Finland and worldwide we can integrate particle counters, viable samplers, or any device to the biosafety cabinet to provide seamless integrations. This provides even more safety on the biosafety cabinet functionality when on-site integrations of foreign devices can be minimized. Kojair Tech will continue to operate in line with its strategy and expand its offering through cooperation agreements, which will further improve our ability to provide larger seamless entities to meet our customers’ needs. Follow our publications and see what new we can offer.

Throughout the Covid pandemic, our operations have continued uninterrupted, and our operations will continue as usual until the summer outage. The outage, which lasts for 2 weeks, will keep our factory closed from 26 July – until 8 August 2021. I would ask you to place your order as early as possible in advance so we can secure deliveries at the time you want.

Sales can also be continuously reached during the outage.

Kojair Tech Oy

Mikko Roininen