Kojair Tech Oy is a Finnish company which designs and manufactures biosafety cabinets, fume cupboards and other clean air products made of high-quality materials. Our offices are located in Mänttä-Vilppula and Tampere.

Our products are of high quality and long-lasting, and we constantly develop them by listening to customers’ wishes. It is important to us that our products are safe for both users and the environment. Safety is our philosophy.

Headquarters and production facilities

Our headquarters and production facilities are located in Mänttä-Vilppula, Finland.
In our production facilities, we manufacture our high-quality clean air devices from the components. Assembly also involves electrical work, welding, painting, etc., always depending on the device. Finally, our products are tested in a cleanroom so that they meet all quality criteria before they are packed and delivered to our customers all over Finland and Europe.

Our main office is located next to the production facilities in the same building.

Product design and sales

It is much easier to copy than to innovate. Kojair Tech Oy has its own design department, which is located with the sales team at our office in Tampere. We are the only Northern European clean air technology company with our own design and product development department, which we are proud of.

A big trend exemplifies our approach to innovation: technology. We think and design holistically with ergonomics and safety as the starting point. As a result, our design heritage is one marked by innovative solutions, which are functional and forward driven. Microbiological safety cabinets made of high-quality materials. We are constantly renewing our current product range, and our solutions are always based on customer experiences and wishes, with safety, ergonomics and product longevity as the starting points.


Kojair history dates back to 1935.
Kojair general history dates back to the late thirties. Clean air connected history started when a delegation of Finnish industry businessmen visited USA in the sixties and brought back the idea of working under purified air. This was the starting point of producing microbiological safety cabinets. The first microbiological safety cabinet was launched in 1969 and this launch is regarded as Kojair’s first step into clean air technology.

The company worked first under the name of Koja, a well-known Finnish air handling company and industrial fan producer, established in 1935, and later under own name, Kojair. This rich history gave us a head start and made us the most progressive player in the market.

Kojair wants to manufacture the world’s best clean air devices, which we design and develop ourselves together with our partners. Nine out of ten of the features of today’s microbiological safety cabinets have been developed by Kojair. Here are just a few examples of Kojair innovations that are considered standard in the market today:

– The first microbiological safety cabinet with windows on the side
– The first company to focus on lowering the noise level
– The first microbiological safety cabinet with angled front window
– The first microbiological safety cabinet with 110-mm-thick HEPA H14 filter
– The first microbiological safety cabinet with adjustable light intensity 0 up to 3500 lux

These days we are still driven to innovate and push the market forward. This journey is one filled with passion, skills and the pursuit of making the best clean air products in the world.