It’s been said that the best way to fuel creativity and innovation is to surround yourself with it. Our head office and production facilities are located in Mänttä-Vilppula, Finland, a country also known as the land of thousand lakes. A place where lakes are many and people are few. In the rush and crush of modern life, it’s the rarities we value most, such as space, silence and time. Space to breathe, time to dream… this is where you can find the modern factory of Kojair.

The factory is specially designed for us. Functions like incoming materials, outgoing products, assembly, welding etc. have been taken into account to enable a workflow that is as smooth as possible.  This guarantees short delivery times. Our modern factory is also equipped with its own cleanroom where all our products are tested before they are shipped to clients.


At Kojair we see craftsmen as professionals who have a deep understanding of their craft. We believe that you are never done learning and remaining curious about new technologies. Challenging yourself every day is what pushes us further.

Our craftsmen are at the heart of everything we do and make at Kojair. Not only the people who take great pride in their work in our factory every day, but also our designers and engineers. They are challenged every day by our customers to find creative and unique solutions for their demands.

Made in Finland

“Made in Finland” a sentence we are proud of!

To understand Kojair Tech Oy, you need to understand Finland. A land where nature is never more than a stone’s throw away. A place where its people have a profound connection with the natural resources around them, and a commitment to nurturing them.

As a remote nation in Northern Europe, Finland has always been capable and self-reliant. And our ‘challenging’ climate influences the decisions we make; especially in solving problems and creating things. We know how to maximise our resources with minimal impact, which trees to take, and which to leave for the future. And we know that the simplest route to solving a problem is the best.

We’re analytical, and don’t embark on a project without the necessary planning and preparation. Some foreigners might remark that we take a while to make decisions; yet this is part of our analytical nature. And it ensures that the end result is far better than when making rash decisions and cutting corners.

Our solutions are typically people-centric: ‘We place our user at the centre of everything’. We think and design holistically with ergonomics and safety as the starting point. As a result, our design heritage is one marked by innovative solutions, which are functional and forward driven. Microbiological safety cabinets made of high-quality materials. 

Design & Engineering

Worldwide known for its innovative high-quality microbiological safety cabinets

Kojair is known worldwide for its innovative high-quality microbiological safety cabinets. In today’s  microbiological safety cabinets, 9 of the 10 features were first developed by Kojair. Just a few examples:

  • The first microbiological safety cabinet with windows on the side
  • The first company to focus on lowering the noise level
  • The first microbiological safety cabinet with angled front window
  • The first microbiological safety cabinet with 110-mm-thick HEPA H14 filter
  • The first microbiological safety cabinet with adjustable light intensity 0 up to 3500 lux

These are just a few Kojair innovations that are seen as standard today.

New design benchmark for modern safety cabinets

As one of the last European companies with its own European production and design department, more and more companies are approaching us to get customised and tailor-made clean air products. In addition to these, we keep on redesigning our current product range. We have an unstoppable desire to keep innovating and pushing the market forward. This is clearly illustrated by our new microbiological safety cabinet, the Platinum generation.  This new microbiological safety cabinet will be, without a doubt, the new design benchmark for modern safety cabinets.