Quality and Environment

ISO 9001 Quality management system

‘Made in Finland’ is a globally-recognized quality seal for reliability, long performance life and low failure rates. In an era of accelerated economic globalisation, this is proving to be an important competitive factor. Kojair is committed to designing and manufacturing premium high-quality products exclusively in Finland.

Kojair has defined the highest quality standards for all its components. It is for this reason we stand behind our products, designed to provide you with years of continuous operation.

ISO 14001 Environmental management system

To understand Kojair you need to understand Finland. A land where fresh air and nature is never more than a stone’s throw away. A place where its people have a profound connection with the natural resources around them, and a commitment to nurturing them.
Awareness of our natural environment brings a collective responsibility to ensure that Kojair makes the lowest possible impact ecologically (and ethically) in production. We promise to give always back more than we take —and insist the same level of commitment from our suppliers. This is the way it should be – nature is the lungs of our beloved planet.

Kojair Tech Oy is an ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified company.
Below you will find up-to-date quality- and environmental management system certificates.