Despite the extended range of biosafety cabinets and the numerous customization possibilities offered by Kojair. It is sometimes not enough and non of the available solutions fulfill your needs nor demands. You need something unique that perhaps never have been built before. A clean air product or biosafety cabinet specially designed and built for your application e.g. 3d printer, robot etc. We call this range of biosafety cabinets; tailor made biosafety cabinet.

These days the rules are getting stricter and stricter. Equipment that in the passed were used on the table or working processes that were   preformed in an open environment now need to be executed in safe/clean environment. This is not for a reason! As a result more tailor made biosafety cabinets are required.
Therefore Kojair has invested in their design and engineering department. We can inform and advise our customers better. Through this we can create the best possible solution for you.

This in combination with our own modern 3500 square-metre European factory, Kojair is a valuable partner that can assist you with your unique request. We bring 50 years of experience in clean air technology and craftsmanship to the table. Together with you, we can design and produce a tailor made cabinet that meet your demands. Because who knows better than yourself, the person who will work on a daily basis with the tailor made biosafety cabinet how it should look like and function.